Fox Pilates 

Can you imagine your body without pain? Imagine being stronger, fitter or being your ideal weight. You don’t need to imagine. At Fox Pilates, our Chartered Physiotherapist instructor has a unique approach to body movement and health. With our spacious and naturally lit studio and a highly proficient team imagination becomes reality.  Your body was designed to move and our instructors are here to ensure it moves correctly.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is simply……..
Strength and Flexibility with CONTROL

“Pilates” is the creators name, Joe H. Pilates, he named his method “Contrology” meaning the “science of Control”

Joe Pilates goal was to create a Method for health and fitness, an overall health system and not just an exercise, one should note that this was before physiotherapy and big gyms were around.

Pilates ideally should first be learned by attending one-on-one sessions with a qualified teacher (in the full Pilates Method). It is after all your body and for best results the devil is in the detail. And then you move on to group classes.

Pilates classes can be slow paced and as you get stronger and gain experience they can be extremely tough and fast paced. The benefits of Pilates can be appreciated by all.

Pilates is for everyBODY. “whatever you do, sit at a desk all day, play golf, attend the gym, rugby, pre/post surgery…..Pilates is suitable for you. I often describe Pilates as, the required strong roots to your health and fitness, just like an oak tree, you need strong roots” Sarah MacLachlann

Pilates is much more than just an exercise regime. It teaches you how to move and where to move your body from, for example have you ever done tummy crunches and suffered neck pain, with no or little improvement to your abs? Or are you a golfer who suffers from low back pain? In Pilates an experienced trainer will teach you how to move your body correctly. Once you move correctly you get those great abs and those workout results that you desire. You can also expect to reduce a lot of pain by now moving your body correctly – a double benefit. It is for the latter reason why the Pilates Method continues to be endorsed by physiotherapists, physical therapists, osteopaths, surgeons and GPs.

At Fox Physiotherapy we first look at your joint movement and congruency, then we consider muscle imbalances, your programme is then designed around what your body requires, resulting in a tall lean posture, reduced physical and mental stress, defined abs, arms, legs etc. A true overall body workout.

Mat Pilates Schedule
Reformer Pilates Schedule

Pilates Classes in Studio

We keep our studio classes small – a maximum of 12 on mat so you’re guaranteed to get personal attention, even in a group environment. As specialist physiotherapists and Pilates Instructors, we have a passion for helping people and giving them the tools to help themselves. The focus of our classes is on exercising to be kind to your body and keep it well. In the classes, we will work on movement, control and strengthening, as well as flexibility. This is a safe space for you to build confidence in your body, without focusing on how it looks or talking about weight loss or dieting. Our classes are suitable for everyone. Should you have any concerns about starting to exercise, please discuss with your healthcare provider first. You must disclose any medical conditions & medications to us so that we can ensure the classes are safe. We will also be available for support should you need it. This individual attention makes our Pilates classes suitable for everyone – including clients with chronic back pain, pregnant women and older clients.
For more information, get in touch.

Mat Pilates Classes

Classes for Mat Pilates run in terms of  6 week blocks, depending on the calendar and are priced accordingly. Classes are held upstairs in the studio above the clinic. There are 4 primary types of Mat classes, Beginners, Pelvic Health, Antenatal and Intermediate. 
Our mat classes are currently full. You can join the waitlist for your preferred class by contacting us today. Mat classes are priced at €75 for the full term or pay as you go for €15 per class. Our specialised Antenatal & Pelvic Health classes with Eimear Fox are priced at €80 for the full term or pay as you go for €15 per class. Refunds are not available for any missed classes. 
Check Out the Class Timetable(s) at the Top of the Page for Current Class Scheduled. Enquire below or phone us on 057-9332264. Prices are subject to change.

Reformer Pilates Classes

Reformer Pilates is a full body strengthening experience, focusing primarily on the core but also includes upper and lower body work. You will get results in increased strength, flexibility, muscle tone and an improved posture.

Reformer Pilates is done on a bed-like frame attached by weighted springs. The springs provide differing levels of resistance as the carriage is pushed or pulled along the frame. This creates long and lean muscles in the body.

Our classes are suitable for beginners and they are run by Eimear, Amy & Fiona. These classes are currently in groups of 4 people. Pre-booking is essential, please book through our online booking system. You can also add yourself to the wait-list for any of the classes that are fully booked.

Classes are priced at €20 and are 45 minutes. For more information, get in touch. See above 'Book a Class Now'

Pelvic Health Pilates 

There is no better example of our core under fire than pregnancy and beyond! If we look at the core’s individual components we can see how every aspect is placed under strain during pregnancy, and disrupted and sometimes injured during delivery.

We also run Mum and Baby Pilates classes which enable you to bring baby along to the class with you. 

Check Out the Timetable at the Top of the Page for Current Class Schedule

Antenatal Pilates Classes 

A systematic review in 2012  summarised all research papers that studied physical exercise during Pregnancy and concluded that all pregnant women should be encouraged to participate in aerobic and strength training of moderate-intensity sessions at least three times a week for 30 min or more (Nascimento et al 2012). More specifically, Exercise is safe for mother and fetus and should be indicated to all pregnant women in the absence of absolute contra-indications.

We offer both mat and reformer for our antenatal classes. 
Check Out the Timetable at the Top of the Page for Current Class Schedule 

Baby Massage Classes

Our Baby Massage class is led by our chartered physiotherapist Eimear Fox. In this class, we run through some tried and tested techniques in a relaxed and friendly environment that can help alleviate issues your baby may experinece such as trapped wind, gas, colic and constipation. It helps to relax both you and baby and provides some lovely bonding time for you.

These classes are completely baby- led, so your baby can cry, laugh, sleep or feed during the session! At the end of each class there is time to enjoy some refreshments and chat to fellow parents.

Courses run for 5 weeks and cost €125 and is redeemable with your healthcare provider. Our next term starts on Thursday 25th April at 10am. Register for a space by emailing us at

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